WICK5023 Ladies Halloween Zombie Nurse Costume

WICK5023 Ladies Halloween Zombie Nurse Costume
Our Price:  £15.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Gender:  Female



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SANC12462  Blood Drip EarringsSANC12462 Blood Drip Earrings
SM29275 Nurses Heart Shaped StethoscopeSM29275 Nurses Heart Shaped Stethoscope
SANC0127 Blooded Nurse Over the Knee SocksSANC0127 Blooded Nurse Over the Knee Socks
SANC01144 Zombie Make-up KitSANC01144 Zombie Make-up Kit
SANC12470  Bloody Cleaver EarringsSANC12470 Bloody Cleaver Earrings
SANC1118122  Grey Make-Up - SnazarooSANC1118122 Grey Make-Up - Snazaroo
SANC1198020 Snazaroo Face Paint High Density Sponge - 4 PackSANC1198020 Snazaroo Face Paint High Density Sponge - 4 Pack
SANC4090P Horrible Skin Make-upSANC4090P Horrible Skin Make-up
SANC05357 Blooded False Horror NailsSANC05357 Blooded False Horror Nails

Ladies Halloween Zombie Nurse Costume.
Includes: Dress, Apron and Headpiece

Sizes stated above are manufacturers Sizes.

Manufacturers Sizing Best
XS: Best Fits 6-8 up to 32" up to 26"
Small: Best Fits 8-10 up to 34" up to 30"
Medium: Best Fits 12-14 up to 38" up to 34"
Large: Best Fits 16-18 up to 42" up to 38"
XL: Best Fits 20-22 up to 46" up to 42"

The above size chart is for guidance and may not be 100% accurate.

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