60s and 70s fancy dress

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1960s and 1970s

What a great era the 1970s was, great music joined by great fashion. At Divas-n-Dudes we have a great selection of 70s costume to chose from, whether it be a groovy pair of flares and ruffle disco shirt or an abba style jumpsuit, so don't delay and stand out in the crowd at your fancy dress party. Please check out or great wigs and accessories and not forgetting our great range of 1960s and hippie fancy dress costumes.


The 1960s featured a number of diverse trends. It was a decade that broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the period. In the middle of the decade, culottes, box-shaped PVC dresses and go-go boots were popular.
Mary Quant invented the mini-skirt, a very popular outfit for 60s fancy dress, and Jackie Kennedy introduced the pillbox hat, both becoming extremely popular. False eyelashes were worn by women throughout the 1960s, and their hairstyles were a variety of lengths and styles.While focusing on colours and tones, accessories were less of an importance during the sixties. People were dressing in psychedelic prints, highlighter colours, and mismatched patterns. The hippie movement late in the decade also exerted a strong influence on ladies' clothing styles, including bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye, and batik fabrics, as well as paisley prints.
In the early to mid-1960s, the London Modernists known as the Mods were shaping and defining popular fashion for young British men while the trends for both sexes changed more frequently than ever before in the history of fashion and would continue to do so throughout the decade. Making 60s fancy dress a very popular theme.
1970s fashion, which began with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms and the hippie look from the late 1960s, was soon sharply characterised by several distinct fashion trends that have left an indelible image of the decade commemorated in popular culture. These include platform shoes which appeared on the fashion scene in 1971 and often had soles two to four inches thick. These were worn by both men and women. Wide-legged, flared jeans and trousers were another fashion mainstay for both sexes throughout most of the decade, and this style has been immortalised in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, which starred John Travolta. The "disco look", complete with three-piece suits for men and wrap-around rayon or jersey dresses for women. Therefore resulting in the 60s and 70s fancy dress being very popular.